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    “The six countries with the lowest perinatal mortality rates in the world all make generous use of midwives, who attend 70% of all births.” Our midwifes excel at family-focused home births, labor support, and well-woman care.

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    A doula provides physical, emotional, and informational support to both mother and father, during pregnancy and childbirth. She provides continuity of care from home to hospital, and stays by the mother’s side throughout her labor, and serves as an advocate, offering support, encouragement, and suggestions to both the mother and her partner.

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    Take classes from a childbirth expert on healthy pregnancy, baby wearing, cloth diapering, proper nutrition, and much more.

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    We believe that birth is a natural, normal event in a woman’s life. It is not a medical condition that requires medical treatment. Each birth is different and should be allowed to follow its natural course without interruption or intervention. A woman’s body was made for this special purpose and is very well suited to give birth naturally without medical enhancement. We have found that 91% of births do not require medical intervention if allowed to progress naturally.

    As Christian women, we believe that by our life experiences, God shapes us with his hands. Birth is one of those life experiences, and He designs each birth specially for each woman. The most joyful births are those that are allowed to follow their original design, without human interventions.

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    Childbirth the Way Nature Intended, Inc. is a full-scope midwifery practice based in central Lake County, Illinois. We offer a complete line of natural childbirth support services, including home birth delivery, doula services for home or hospital births, childbirth classes, holistic well-woman care, and natural family planning.

    Our coverage area for home births includes Lake,McHenry, and northern Cook counties in Illinois, and Kenosha and southern Walworth counties in Wisconsin.

    Download Our Study: Staying Home to Give Birth: Why Women in the United States Choose Home Birth


    We decided to go with a midwife and deliver our child at home because we wanted a birth that was going to be natural, serene and the way God intended it to be. I had completely made up my mind and no one was going to tell me that I couldn’t do it. Debbie was our wonderful midwife that made this unforgettable journey with us. Our labor officially began on December 30, 2012. I woke up determined to have our baby girl by the end of the year. Needless to say contractions started late that afternoon and continued through the evening growing progressively stronger. 18 hours of labor later our beautiful baby girl was born at 10:15am on December 31, 2012. To our amazement Marilyn Rose weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 20 ½ inches long. She was beautiful, healthy and bright eyed. I had done it! I had a homebirth without drugs or any other interventions! I proved to my family, friends and myself how strong a woman can truly be; how strong I am. I will definitely do another homebirth with a midwife for all my future children, if God allows. My husband and I had a wonderful experience. Debbie was very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. She helped deliver our gift that God blessed us with.

    ~ Brooke, Alan & Marilyn