Childbirth Classes

Birth Baby Naturally

Barb Lindgren of Birth Baby Naturally Childbirth Classes and Doula Services offers a comprehensive 8-week childbirth class for first time parents and for anyone who desires to have an unmedicated childbirth. Barb has an extensive background teaching natural childbirth classes for 22 years which included Bradley Method, HypnoBirthing and Brio Birth classes. Included are topics such as staying healthy and low risk through nutrition and pregnancy exercise, getting familiar with labor positions and learning comfort measures, how your body works in labor and birth and how your partner can help, postpartum and breastfeeding, discussing variations in labor, birth planning and much more. Please contact Barb at 847-566-6511, email: . For more information please check her website at

Joyful Journey Doula Services and Childbirth Education

Shannon McKenzie of Joyful Journey Doula Services and Childbirth Education offers classes in childbirth, healthy pregnancy, baby wearing, and cloth diapering. Her 4-week childbirth series is perfect for couples who are planning a home birth or a natural birth, after a previous medicated birth in the hospital. Please contact her at (847) 571-0973 or visit her website at

Felicia Randle, Owner of Peaceful Endeavors Birth Services, is a childbirth educator, doula, and placenta encapsulation specialist. Her journey started when she had her first baby, reluctantly under epidural anesthesia. She was not informed of her options, which led to fear, poor decisions, and feeling disconnected from her birthing experience. Peaceful Endeavors offers a thorough 8 week childbirth course for parents who want to be educated and empowered, helping rid themselves of anxiousness and fear. The material that will be covered is: how to stay low-risk through nutrition and exercise, birth planning, what the coach should know to help mom best, what to expect with each stage of labor, how to manage pain as labor progresses, laboring positions that can be effective in helping labor progress quicker, risks of medical procedures, breast feeding, postpartum, and much more. Please feel free to contact Felicia with any questions you have at (224) 637-8417 or at

Healthy Pregnancy Class

Learn proper nutrition and pregnancy exercises, which help you feel more comfortable during your pregnancy, and help you stay healthy and low-risk. Low-risk women have more choices in prenatal care and delivery. Good nutrition and exercise during pregnancy will also help you have an easier, shorter labor. Sign up early in your pregnancy to attain the full benefit of this class. Healthy Pregnancy classes are taught by Barb Lindgren and Shannon McKenzie.

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