Doula Service

We provide doula services for couples delivering at most hospitals in the Chicago metropolitan area and southeast Wisconsin. Our doulas are all licensed nurses, licensed certified nurse-midwives (CNMs), certified professional midwives (CPMs), certified doulas, childbirth educators, or experienced home birth assistants. We also work together to provide back-up for each other.

  • Optional Monitrice services while at your home. (Provided by our RN doulas. Please specify your interest in this option when you first contact us. Not all of our doulas are RNs.)

Because our company is run by a licensed CNM, we are able to bill to insurance. We use a professional billing service to submit claims and we have been successful at getting partial or even full reimbursement for our doula service.

Why choose a doula?

A doula provides physical, emotional, and informational support to both mother and father, during pregnancy and childbirth. The doula provides continuity of care from home to hospital, and stays by the mother’s side throughout her labor. She serves as an advocate, offering support, encouragement, and suggestions to both the mother and her partner.

Studies have shown many positive benefits of doulas (the numbers refer to studies listed on the References page):

  • Reduced rates of interventions: c-section,13-19 epidurals and narcotics,13-16,19,20 pitocin, 13,14,16,18,19 forceps,13,14,16,17 and vacuum extraction.16
  • Reduced duration of labor13-18 and reduced anxiety.16
  • Reduced incidence of complications: maternal fever and infection,14 maternal bleeding following birth,17 hospitalizations of baby.14,15
  • Increased chances of successful breastfeeding16,21,22 and reduced incidence of post-partum depression.16,22

When you hire a doula for labor support, you receive all of the following:

1. Prenatal Visits and Support

Two prenatal visits for birth planning. We can help you stay comfortable, healthy, and low-risk, with pregnancy exercises and nutrition. We discuss the choices available in birth and what your desires are. We also discuss what kind of support you wish the doula to provide. We practice labor positions and relaxation.

The doula is available to you 24 hours a day for questions and concerns. Additional prenatal visits may be scheduled if you wish.

2. Labor Support

  • Continuous support throughout your labor, beginning as soon as you feel you need assistance.
  • Guidance in relaxation during contractions, helping you to allow nature to move your baby through the stages of labor.
  • Massage, acupressure, positioning, and other non-medical pain relief techniques.
  • Visual imagery, guided imagery, positive encouragement, and other verbal relaxation techniques.
  • Monitrice services while at your home (RN doulas only).
  • Help making the transition to your birth place as smooth as possible.
  • Non-medical advice and explanations of medical procedures.
  • Up to two hours postpartum support, for help with recovery and breastfeeding.

3. Postpartum Visit and Continuing Support

One postpartum visit at your home to discuss the birth and provide breastfeeding help. At any time after the birth, the doula may be called for questions and resource referrals.

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