Midwife Services

Why is midwifery important?

“It is the midwife, not the physician, who has attended birth for most of human existence… The six countries with the lowest perinatal mortality rates in the world all make generous use of midwives, who attend 70% of all births. In the United States, where midwives assist only 5 percent of births due to political constraints, perinatal mortality is alarmingly high: we rank number 24 worldwide.” (Elizabeth Davis, Heart & Hands, 1997.)

Woman-Centered Prenatal Care

Quality prenatal care starting between weeks six to ten helps prevent pregnancy complications, and enables women to fully benefit from the care a midwife provides. It also helps women to stay healthy and low risk. Low risk women have more choices available to them in childbirth.

The midwife and the pregnant woman work together as a team during pregnancy to prepare her body and spirit for the work of childbirth. The midwife teaches proper pregnancy nutrition and exercises, emphasizing that these are the foundation of a healthy pregnancy and lead to a smoother labor and delivery. The woman takes responsibility for her pregnancy by following the diet, exercising daily, and practicing relaxation daily.

We offer the standard evidence-based lab tests throughout pregnancy, to ensure that women are low-risk. Ultrasounds are not routine, but may be ordered to rule out any potential conditions, or by patient request. We collaborate with doctors when necessary and we have good relationships with some great doctors around the Chicago area.

Some people think medical insurance won’t pay for home birth, but actually it usually does. Because we are licensed, we are allowed to bill to all insurance plans. If you have no insurance at all or you don’t have maternity coverage, then you can choose our self-pay rate which is considerably less costly.

The cost can vary a lot depending on your insurance situation. If you would like to learn more about how your insurance plan will cover your home birth, please contact us to schedule a free consult.

Natural Childbirth Education

We partner with Joyful Journey Doula Services and Childbirth Education to provide childbirth education. Healthy Pregnancy class, four-week series, and refreshers are available. Select the Childbirth Classes link above to read more information.

Family-Focused Home Birth

We provide natural childbirth delivery in your home. Recent studies have found that home birth is safe for low risk women.1-6 Women state many practical and personal reasons for choosing home birth.7-12 We support this decision and help them reach that goal by helping them stay healthy and low risk. We respect and honor the family’s preferences for their birth including water birth, sibling participation, delayed cord cutting, and more.

Well-Woman Care

Childbirth the Way Nature Intended is not just for pregnant women! We also provide annual exams, routine gynecology, natural family planning, and health screening.

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